Shedding light

There’s a Purslane succulent growing in an abandoned plantpot outside our office. We smokers use it as an ashtray while the air-conditioning unit above it ensures it gets enough purified water to keep it alive.

It’s been a week of fidgeting around. Half of us are back to reality after the summer break, while the other is still in wonderland trying to come to grips with what’s about to become the start of the academic year. And I’m not quite sure where to place myself. Shall I be content with one of the last alternative festivals of the summer, the Afro Banana Republic
festival to take place in Athalassa Park next week? Or, should I look forward to getting back into gallery hopping and theatre going, a vast image of the wintery months that lie ahead. 

I’ll also have to prune my plants as autumn kicks in. Strip them down to give them strength to bloom once winter sheds its whims. Perhaps I should also remove all the cigarette butts from the Purslane’s bed. Lif t it from the f loor and place it on the window sill. There where people will see it and perhaps care for it.

This week’s fidgeting has brought about the ‘little things that matter’. Taking care of the loose ends but also preparing for what lies ahead. A pause to recall what we’ve neglected, bring to light what we’ve dismissed, and open our eyes to what awaits to be embraced. It’s autumn af ter all. Seems absurd to think that the heat will soon subside; seems absurd that this
time last year we were probably preaching the same things, but under very different circumstances.

*Published in The Cyprus Weekly Newspaper, 7 September 2013


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